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Updated 07/02/2021 Vintage Motor Cycle Club Visit to Broadfields, Sept 2012

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) visited Broadfields 17th September 2012, as part of their annual Scurry.  One often hears of old machines breaking down, but these enthusiasts keep their machines in such fine fettle that breakdowns are rare.  Our members are often surprised to note that many VMCC members travel from the far north of England to take part in an extremely well organised tour around the Isle of Wight.

The IWMES members always enjoy the company of other engineers and enthusiasts who like to keep Britain's history alive, and how apt to step off a motorcycle, built in the early part of the 20th century, onto a train, which is being hauled by a locomotive that was designed in the same era.  Therein lies the common base of interest ... Nostalgia.

Judging by the smiling faces and laughter, many a story was exchanged that day amid the clamour of passing trains, tinkling teacups and crumbling cakes.  The weather was kindly too, which all helped make it a very special occasion.

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